5 Shows To Binge Watch

It is Friday! Which means it is time for a Friday Five. Here is a list of must binge watch shows, even if you have seen them before.


 1. Sons of anarchy

All I have to say about Sons of Anarchy is watch it. If Gema can’t suck you in from the very beginning, nothing can. This show takes you through the ups and down of one particular biker club/gang in way that leaves you wanting to be apart of it and questioning all morals.

2. Frasier

This is my go to, no thinking needed sitcom to watch. I grew up watching Friends and then the Friends reruns and feel I have watched those episodes to death. I didn’t start watching Frasier until I was an adult and I’m obsessed. I love to put it on for background noise, or to fall asleep to, also to just sit back and laugh.

3. Gilmore Girls

This is my show. I start from episode one every Fall, and it usually takes me to about Christmas time to finish it. I follow it up with Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, but that is for another list. The show is funny, witty and at times heart wrenching. It is an epic love story filled with drama, and a mother daughter story I connect with and love deeply.

4. Sex and the city 

At home sick and feeling left out? Bored at home on a Friday or Saturday night? Had a long work day? Turn on Sex and the City and go out with all of our best friends, Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte. This show is done so well, after watching an episode I feel like I just had drinks with girlfriends.

the ranch
5. The Ranch

This is the only show that made the list this is still currently airing new episodes. Hopefully part 7 will be out in June. This show can make me laugh so hard and minutes later have me crying. I was very skeptical when this first came out, but after part 1, I was hooked. The sound track is great country music, the story line is funny and full of political and pop culture references from the times we are living in. But the heart of the show is the family.

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