5 Shows To Binge Watch

It is Friday! Which means it is time for a Friday Five. Here is a list of must binge watch shows, even if you have seen them before.  1. Sons of anarchy All I have to say about Sons of Anarchy is watch it. If Gema can’t suck you in from the very beginning, nothing can.... Continue Reading →


California Wildflower Superbloom

After a long week, it felt good to take in a little nature and glimpse the superbloom we are experiencing right now in Southern California. We did not have too much time, Chris had to work later in the day. But I am glad we made the time to take the drive out. It didn't... Continue Reading →

DIY Rustic Easter Centerpiece

It is Spring! Which means a lot in our household. First is my brother-in-laws birthday, my husbands aunt and uncle (twins) birthday, my oldest, dearest friends birthday, my birthday, my niece/goddaughters birthday (day after mine), my husbands birthday and Easter. It’s a whole Spring holiday season for us. I am excited to start decorating for... Continue Reading →

Santa Ynez Valley Getaway

To start, we did not have enough time and we must go back. There is so much food and drinks to be had, two days is not enough time to get everything in. However we did have a great trip! We headed to Flying Flags RV Resort Saturday night when Chris got off work. Such an easy... Continue Reading →

Spring Wreath DIY

I love to fill our house with seasonal decorations. In Fall and at Christmas it feels like our home becomes alive from the decorations we add. This year for Spring I wanted to start off with something fun. A Spring wreath is always placed on our front door by about mid-March. This year is no... Continue Reading →

How To Sunday

Do you ever get to Sunday and feel stressed out that Monday is just around the corner? We have compiled a few tricks over the years to help us battle that anxiety and unwind on Sunday. You can also check out our YouTube channel for more on the antics we get up to on Sundays.... Continue Reading →

Happy Campers

This was our first camping trip off the grid(sorta) with the trailer. We went to Red Rock Canyon State Park. You might remember it from one of the first scenes of Jurassic Park when they are digging up fossils in the desert. Red Rock is only about two hours outside of Los Angeles, making it... Continue Reading →

Snowy Weekend Getaway

  I think it’s safe to say, we live for the weekends around here. The days off relaxing, getting errands done, tidying up the house, and of course finding an adventure. Over the years, this has accumulated into some of our best memories.  One of our 2019 goals is to take a trip once a... Continue Reading →

Our Favorite Dates

In honor of Valentine’s day, here are a few great ideas for the perfect date. All of which are reasonably affordable and off the beaten path. Even after six years together, we take date night very seriously around here. 1. At Home Spa Date This is an easy one, you probably already have most of... Continue Reading →

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